Do you think the new individual insurance marketplace (exchange) will open on time in your state?

This past week, we were able to spend time at an industry event with health insurance professionals from around the southeastern U.S. It was interesting to hear all of the different opinions these professionals had regarding the federal government’s ability to open the new health insurance marketplaces on time.

That made us wonder what the consensus is in the broader community. What do non-insurance people think? What do people in other states think (particularly in regions where state run marketplaces are being implemented)?

We’d like to hear from you!

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About The Admin American

The Admin American is an expression of the collective wisdom of the benefits professionals at Admin America, Inc., an independent third party administrator of employee benefits based in Alpharetta, Georgia. We believe that the private market is the most best method for financing America's healthcare expenditures for the vast majority in our communities. We also recognize that any system (including the private market) will create winners and losers. Healthcare is too important to exclude anyone from the opportunity to access care. Therefore, those of us that advocate a private health care financing market must contribute towards solutions to give everyone a reasonable opportunities to participate in that market. Hopefully, some of the information we share helps maximize opportunities for individuals to access coverage through the private market, either by making it easier for employers to provide coverage to their employees or by making it easier for individuals to understand their options outside of the employer based coverage system.

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